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Theresa Cole - Founder of Shark and Safari

Theresa Cole

With 20 years experience in the tourism industry in Southern Africa, Theresa is passionate about delivering amazing experiences and memorable adventures every time. She is always hands on, focusing on the guests and making sure they get everything they need.

Tel: +27 78 977 6774


About Us

Shark and Safari are local certified tour operators in Cape Town, South Africa.
We have 20 years of experience organising and running tours for local and international guests for thousands of visitors.
We are passionate and professional. You and your enjoyment are our primary concern. We vow to keep you safe, happy and well cared for while you travel in and around South Africa and nearby countries.
We have selected the best, most popular tours and activities that we know you’ll enjoy, making sure to regularly check the service you receive and the experience you have so we can keep the standards high.
From shark diving to exclusive private safaris we are committed to giving you value for money from experiences you’ll remember for years to come.
Our payments are safe and secure and so is your information. We are only interested in your tours and your enjoyment, and only ask that you tell all your friends and family about us when you get home!

If you have any questions or concerns, please please give us a call, whatsapp, or email us so we can guide you before you commit to your booking. We are real people with a love for what we do and a true concern for what you do while you are in South Africa, so don’t hesitate.

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